Sunday, November 14, 2010

I LOVE these 3 kids!!!

I decided it was finally time to get new pictures of my kids, Brooklyn hasn't had her picture taken since she was 3 months old! I know what a good mom:)
I'm really happy with the way they turned out, they really portrayed my kids personality!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We love St George

We went to St George for Spring Break ( I know that was over a month ago) and had so much fun!
We got to play with our friends the Tates, Brooklyn was super excited to see her BFF Brynn. We are glad they are home for a little bit!We got to play at the park!
I had to take this picture to prove to Mckinley and Brayden that they do like each other:)
Brooklyn's other BFF Avery bug!
My monkey's

We also went on a really fun hike to some ponds, the kids had a blast and Brooklyn had to walk the whole way back by herself, it took us awhile to get to the car!!!
All the kids, they were troopers!

Miss Independent
The kids had little cages in case they caught a lizard! I was glad we walked away empty handed:)

Playing in some of the ponds, it was still a little cold!
My two beautiful girls!
She was one dirty girl, but she had fun so that's okay!

We also got to play baseball at the park and go swimming. We had so much fun, it was just nice to get away and we can't wait to go back next time!

Thanks Gma & Gpa Adams for letting us stay at your house. Next time we will have to go when you are there:)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pacifier anyone????

Let me just start off by saying I HATE pacifiers! They have been the cause of many sleepless nights (because we couldn't find it on many occasions), teeth starting to go crooked, many dollars, and a much obsessed 22 month old:)
So the other day Dale was leaving for work and couldn't find his phone. After calling it many times he finally figured out the ring was coming from our couch, so he pulled off all the cushions, it wasn't there. He called it again and could still hear it in the couch, so he lifted it up, it wasn't under it either. After calling it one more time he figured out that his phone was inside the couch.
Did you know that couches have a trap door?! Well ours does!
Dale had to get his phone out so he proceeded to cut a hole in the bottom of my couch and much to his surprise there was his phone as well as 15 binks (and a bunch of other stuff, no money though!) It was quite embarrassing to see all that had accumulated over the years!
If I had only known that my couch liked them...........we would have seen this face a lot sooner!
This is only a few of them, she had already started to load her mouth and purse with the others!
Can't decide which one so I will have them both
Trying out 2 more
I will settle for the bling, bling!
Okay all of them can go in the purse for now!
That didn't last very long though, she carried that purse around with her all day long and switched them out every so often. I had never seen her so happy as she was that day:)
I was only going to give her one more month with her bink but now I have to get my money's worth, so if you see her well into the summer with it in her mouth, you will know why!
The moral of the story, cut a hole in the bottom of your couch. You never know what might be inside, maybe some of you will be luckier than I and find some money!!!
P.S. I sterilized them before she sucked on them again:)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm soooooo ready for this....

I can't handle this weather anymore, I need 100 degree sunshine so we can do this!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I know that it has been a long time and I've missed many events and important holidays, but this post seemed appropriate to come back with!!!
For any of you that have been around Mckinley in the last 2 years you know how bad she has wanted this day to come. Yes, my almost 8 year old lost her very FIRST tooth tonight!!! Thank you "Wood" genes:)
Mckinley's bottom tooth has been hanging on by a thread for a few weeks now so Dale decided it was time for it to go. He got some pliers, gripped the tooth and pulled it out. Mckinley was a little hesitant to let her dad put pliers in her mouth but didn't even know that he had pulled it out! Way to go Kin, I'm glad you FINALLY lost your first tooth. She is going to lose all of them at the same time, the one next to it is pretty loose now:)
She's going to be super cute with no teeth!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My sweet baby!

Okay so I'm feeling really guilty that I still haven't posted Brooklyn's first birthday. I can't find my battery to my camera anywhere (that's where all of Brooklyn's "1st birthday" pics are) and no one sales it so I have to order a new one. As soon as I get the battery I will post her BIG day, but for now, here are some fun facts about (and pics) of my baby!!!

I can't believe that this sweet thing......has already turned into this sweet thing!!
Brooklyn is definitely one of a kind, while she has certain personality traits of her brother and sister, she is definitely her own person. So many people ask me if Brooklyn ever cries because she is always so happy, the answer is only when she is hungry or hurt. Brooklyn truly is the BEST baby ever (minus the few months we dealt with ear infections). She loves to give hugs and kisses, she is very good at fake crying, she is good at getting what she wants, and she can brighten up a whole room. She is my little angel and when I'm having a bad day all I have to do is pick Brooklyn up and she makes it all better.
Brooklyn is probably the fastest crawler I know, and though she is getting better at walking she still prefers crawling (which is totally fine by me).
Another thing so many people say to me, is how much Brooklyn and Brayden look alike. Her looks are not all she got from her big brother, either. The other day I couldn't find Brooklyn anywhere, I walked into my room calling her name and I heard a little squeal. I was looking everywhere when finally I looked up, yes up. Brooklyn had crawled onto our desk chair, and then onto the desk and was sitting there with a pencil in one hand and paper in the other. She was so proud of herself! Yes, she got her climbing skills from Brayden, I'm in for it with 2 climbers in the family!!!

Brooklyn's stats at 12 months:
Weight: 17lbs-2%
Length: 28.5 in-31%
Head circ.: 17.5 in-32%
So as you can see she is still small!

Brooklyn's words:
grandpa (she says this with a growl)
Avery (her cousin)
Brea (her friend)
Chaco (her friends dog)
ah oh sgeti do (ah oh spaghetti o)
love you
bye bye

Here are just a few more fun pics, this is where the climbing began!
She loves to get on the dishwasher while I'm loading or unloading it!
She is always so proud of her accomplishments!
I can't believe how fast time goes, it makes me sad that she is getting so big. At the same time I love watching her grow into a little girl!
We love you Brooklyn!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our trip to the ZOO!!!

This is how far behind I am on blogging! We went to the zoo at the beginning of the summer with my dad and Jan, the kids had a BLAST!!!
Brooklyn absolutely had a blast on the carousel, every time we went around and she saw Dale she gave him the biggest cheeser
Mommy and Brooklyn
Why do my children love to pose!?
Love that smile!!!
Are you serious with the posing Mckinley!? I guess I can't complain, my mom said that I posed in every picture (I guess we have the pictures to prove it!!).
The whole clan, minus cousin Bostyn
What a sweet girl, she was so patient riding around in the stroller all day!
My sweet kids, look my bag matches the animals in the back ground!
Dale, Mckinley, Brayden, and Collin
Gma Adams and the kids
Thank you dad and Jan for a fun day at the zoo. The kids always love when you come to town, you always make your visits so memorable!!!
We love you!!!